Logo del coro "Canone Inverso"We are a male/female chorus open to everyone, with a mostly contemporary pop repertoire.

The chorus is made of LGBT and heterosexual people, without discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity. We sing together to share culture, rights and equality.

The group was founded in the spring of 2013 in Padua as a project within the Circolo Arcigay Tralaltro, but soon the success and the need for organizational autonomy led Canone Inverso to constitute an Association in January 2014.

Our name “Canone Inverso” (“reverse canon”) refers to a particular contrapuntal structure, in which the same melody, played simultaneously from beginning to end and from end to beginning, harmonizes and produces a more interesting composition that draws its wealth and complexity from its very structure.
From this concept comes a parallel that, starting from the very name of our chorus, pays tribute to the people in their multiple facets and relationships, thus assuming in this context a more enticing – and at the same time provocative – meaning.

Group dynamics

Being a chorus means for us becoming a group that recognizes the reciprocal value of each member, respecting each other, honouring our project and working together for a common purpose.

Spreading musical culture

The chorus members are coordinated by the musical director but the proposals and the views of everyone are taken into account, because music is high expression of culture and creativity in all its forms and genres and it can be considered a patrimony belonging to each of us.

Chorus members training

The musical experiences of each are varied, from those who sing only in the car or in the shower to those who play an instrument professionally. Training our chorus members is meant to achieve a homogeneous level of preparation and to improve overall quality.

Visibility and social commitment

This is a LGBT * chorus really open to everyone. This is the strong integration message that we want to send, to raise public awareness about LGBT issues. The idea that inspires us is being part of society as a whole, without isolating ourselves. There are no class B citizens.

All our work is not an end in itself, but is expressed and finds its reason in various concerts and events related to important events for the LGBT* community. We will organise and take part in these events year after year, not only in gay-friendly environments but also in a broader scenario, so that the entire society can get to know these events. The chorus will also attend events dedicated to LGBT* issues at national and international level together with other LGBT* associations.

You are all welcome!
For information about us, our meetings and our activities, this is the place to contact us! We look forward to meeting you!